Big size mannequins the 10 stars of the moment in the world of fashion

Posted by The Fashion Heaven on Friday, September 28, 2018

FASHION - Being slim: in magazines, you might think that’s all that matters right now. New tips, new diets or new sports, the whole place given to thinness becomes tiresome, even dangerous.

This is why we propose to discover below 10 “plus size” models as Americans say that revolutionize the fashion world by displaying their (beautiful) forms:

1. Jennie Runk

Although a beginner in modeling, Jennie Runk is already covering magazines. Last April, she posed for the H & M swimsuit collection and became the first supermodel of the brand.

And this choice made a lot of noise. So much so that Jennie Runk decided to write a ticket for the BBC to tell her story with H & M. She says, among other things, having experienced the reaction to the campaign as an “embarrassing surprise” and offers advice to young women who do not accept themselves as they are:

“I feel obliged to show girls who are living the same thing that it is possible to be different.This malaise will pass to you.Concentrate yourself only on being the best possible version of yourself and stop thinking about your thighs, they are fine. “

2. Saffi Karina

It was announced in April that Saffi Karina would launch the UK’s very first large modeling workshop. The Curve Project London offers tips, makeup and hair styling sessions, photo shoots, drop-in classes, and professional tips for girls who want to get started, regardless of their waistline.

Saffi Karina should be a perfect mentor with her experience. If her former agency decided to part with her when she went from “classic” mannequin to large sizes, are objective is now clear:

“I want to do my utmost to promote a positive image of the woman’s body and to serve as a model for young women who think that thinness is the only way to enter the world of fashion.”

3. Crystal Renn

Women who go from the “manikin size” to the larger sizes to improve their health (and their vision of reality) are excellent role models. This is for example the case of Crystal Renn who went through this change after realizing that traditional modeling had dragged her down the dangerous slope of eating disorders.

During an event organized around the fashion and modeling industry last February, Crystal Renn said he thought the reference size should not be the 32 but the 40:

“By using the 40, we give more freedom to the creators.Most of the models are 38, 40 or even 42 but if a really incredible model is 32 then we could adjust the dress accordingly.”

4. Justine LeGault

It feels good when a major fashion magazine takes the leap and chose a supermodel to do its cover, like the Quebec edition of ELLE which put forward Justine LeGault in May 2013.

The Canadian shared her joy on her Facebook page:

“Just having a positive comeback on my cover for ELLE makes me really happy, people do not seem so shocked to see forms in the media, that’s great news!”

5. Robyn Lawley

It may be one of the best known supermodels. She has not only appeared on the cover of Vogue Italy, Marie Claire and ELLE but she is also the first model to participate in an advertising campaign for an upmarket brand: she announced in September 2012 to have signed a contract with Ralph Lauren to appear in many of their commercials.

“There are so many tall models that are doing well in New York right now,” she said on the set of Good Morning America, “The situation can only get better.”

6. Tara Lynn

If a magazine known around the world chooses you to make the cover especially for your shapes and curves, it’s because you’re probably on the right track.

In February 2012, Tara Lynn was actually declared by ELLE as “The Body”, ie THE body that would be an ideal for many women.

7. Ashley Graham

After this advertisement was banned from airing on American television channels ABC and Fox, Ashley Graham did not hesitate to counterattack. She called the idea of ​​seeing this video censored “sad” and denounced a certain hypocrisy:

“The girls at Victoria’s Secret can show off in panties all day long, but as soon as it comes to a woman with a little shape, it’s immediately removed.”

8. Tess Munster

Fashion blogs abound on the internet. But it’s nice to see that one of them is gaining popularity by showcasing styles for larger sizes. Tess Munster, who runs this blog called The Plus Size Life, poses in swimsuits, dresses and many other styles. It proves that it is useless to be thin as a thread to be trendy.

Impressed by her site, our American colleagues from HuffPost Live have invited her to participate in a show as part of a segment entitled “One Size Does not Fit All” (“There is no size unique “, in French).

9. Candice Huffine

In May 2012, she made the cover of the magazine S Moda totally nude. She also gave a long interview in which she shared her vision of large scale modeling and how it can influence the perception of the woman’s body:

“[Vogue Italy] has opened the eyes of the industry and has proven that we are beautiful, sexy and good models.People now want to see more.The old conflicts [compared to Photoshop] have allowed the industry to understand that people now want to see real girls “.

10. Velvet of Love

Famous since her participation in Jean Paul Gautier’s Spring / Summer 2007 show, Velvet d’Amour is actively working to transform the fashion industry by pushing magazines and designers to opt for models with more pronounced shapes.

She runs her own magazine, VOL • UP • 2, which allows her readers to “blossom with their ‘imperfections’ and accept their bodies in their splendid entirety”.

In June 2011, Velvet d’Amour gave an interview to Frockwriter during which she commented on Vogue Italy’s initiative to welcome Robyn Lawley, Tara Lynn and Candice Huffine in one of her numbers. Selected pieces:

“I see it this way: we need fashion to catch up in terms of size to make a beautiful fashion magazine, if you take a classic Italian Vogue and try to dress the models, good luck finding their size in store. “ “The true meaning of FASH is to embrace and embrace change, decadence, darkness, risk-taking, fashion is a fan, and innovation creates fashion, but it’s the fashion that deviate the most from the standards that create the most for fashion at the start. “ “I do not read fashion magazines for health tips, I look at them for fashion, we need to go further: if we want to debate health, let’s tackle mental health, which is the stimulus that often affects physical health. “