In the skin of a fashion icon

Posted by The Fashion Heaven on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fashion designer, supermodel, fashion guru … They are in the pantheon of fashion. Symbols of an era, they influenced the style, embody the elegance. Beyond their talent, it’s their personality that fascinates. For Madame Figaro, six famous fans under influence played the game of metamorphosis for a session of winking pose.

Karl Lagerfeld by Ines de la Fressange

With Karl Lagerfeld, it’s … “The megastar that everyone recognizes. He has stylized himself. He became a perfectly identifiable silhouette, very eighteenth century, as output of Saint-Simon - which Karl is a great reader - or the Princess Palatine. But he is also able to be contemporary and listen to Adele or Jake Bugg. I admire his enormous capacity for work, his curiosity, his taste for observation. Karl is a man of immense culture who does not live in nostalgia and knows how to renew himself. He is a researcher. He never takes back the boss of a jacket. At each collection he remakes the canvas each time. He’s a man I’ve watched a lot, drawn, with whom I had fun. We share a passion for the jokes of the Vermot almanac.

If I were Karl Lagerfeld … The first thing I would do in the morning is my catogan. But I can not imagine Karl. He is a giant looking for perfection, while I am in search of happiness and I like to let go from time to time.

I remember… A little known dress, chiffon, with straps, a low waist in 1920, no real length, and I find a chic unheard of.

Fashion, for me … It’s beautiful, creative, ephemeral. Fashion is frivolous, that’s what makes it so charming. But frivolity is not the opposite of depth. And acquiring a new fashionable jacket will always bring me joy.

My essentials Navy sweaters, Roger Vivier flat ballerinas and Tod’s black loafers.

Director of the Ines de la Fressange brand and ambassador for Roger Vivier.

Diana Vreeland by Farida Khelfa

Diana Vreeland, it’s … A legend. She is the one who will make Carmel Snow the success of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and will be the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, which is a kind of Bible. In addition, his life is a legend. She knew Diaghilev and Nijinski who were visiting her parents. She was vacationing in the Rockies, riding horses with Buffalo Bill, quickly figuring out how the world was going. She said that she had been educated in the evenings, she knew how to recognize a snob, but preferred Argentine gigolos. For me, it embodies the absolute chic, the supreme elegance that is not related to beauty but to a pace. It’s an absolute icon. A woman who made of her physique, which she found ungrateful, a force.

If I were Diana Vreeland … I would ride every morning with Buffalo Bill.

I remember… His genius to reveal the greatest photographers, like Richard Avedon or Cecile Beaton, in the fashion journals.

She knew how to recognize a snob Fashion for me … It’s an art. I like fashion and especially I like those who make it. I find them very free. I like their fantasy, their creativity. Diana Vreeland published in Vogue the first photo of Mick Jagger, popularized jeans, launched the career of Manolo Blahnik and Oscar de la Renta. Fashion designers are not only artists, but also manufacturers. They make a lot of people work, bring the craftsmanship up to date and preserve the traditions. They are interesting people, very complete, free electrons in osmosis with their time.

My essentials Serge Lutens cleansing wipes and, of course, a pair of Louboutin moccasins.

Farida Khelfa, muse and director.

Yves Saint Laurent by Marina Hands.

Yves Saint Laurent is … My favorite designer. I like him as a fashion designer. He printed rhythm and movement to the garment. But he also impresses me as a person. I love her mysterious side, shy, as on the run. He has a free thought, but his revolt does not go through a provocative attitude. On the contrary. It seems that he expresses his taste for change by returning to the fundamentals of fashion, with clean lines. I also liked his voice, his attitudes, his stance on fashion and his vision of women. He worked for our freedom. He did not like middle-class women who were too well dressed and too well dressed. Her fluid and strict style was perfectly embodied by her muses Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux, for me full of femininity and poetry.

If I were Yves Saint Laurent … I would spend my days drawing in the gardens of the Majorelle house.

I remember… The pantsuit for the day, the tuxedo at night and, of course, the famous Saharan that the model Veruschka wore.

Fashion, for me … It is the expression of an original look at society, the opposite of standardization. Fashion is life, vitality, creativity. I always wondered why men did not wear skirts or dresses more often. The Japanese have the kimonos and it is very seyant.

My essentials Nothing original. Good old jeans and a good pair of boots.

Marina Hands, actress. Currently touring Homosapiens, Audrey Dana, and plays Lucrezia Borgia, at the Athenee Theater from October 3rd.

Twiggy by Sylvie Testud.

Twiggy is … Femininity with a little bad boy side. Twiggy breaks with stereotypes as Kate Moss does today and manages to create femininity on a woman’s body that is not really one. Little chest, kid’s legs, very short hair and scalded cat’s eyes. She does not play the card of mystery and the femme fatale. She surfs on recklessness, insolence, youthfulness. She is very fresh and very assumed even with this makeup supported which makes him look like a clown.

If I were Twiggy … I would love to make up my eyes every morning. Two hours of makeup … is it reasonable?

I remember… Skai miniskirt of all colors worn with high socks.

Fashion, for me … This is the expression of my mood of the moment. I would love to say I do not care, but that would be a big lie. I love to create silhouettes, pay attention to myself, make mixes, express an emotion. This morning, I felt like a vacationer, so I put on my sandals with a big red shirt.

My essentials One hundred and fifty pairs of shoes. It’s crazy, but I’m fondue of shoes. In terms of fashion, I’m too unfaithful. I like a lot of creators. I have tons of Chanel bags in all colors and sizes, Chanel black jackets, very simple, without collar. I also like Louboutin, some Prada shoes, Chloé boots, Zanotti shoes. I love to mix everything and I always preferred coquetry to comfort.

Sylvie Testud, actress. Currently turning Homosapiens, Audrey Dana.

Anna Wintour by Alessandra Sublet.

Anna Wintour is … A rigor at the same time physical and intellectual. She made herself a mysterious and inaccessible look, which puts her completely apart to the point that we only see her during a parade. She inspires respect but with elegance. We feel that she is protecting herself. His pace is an armor. We do not see his eyes because of his glasses and his huge bangs. We do not know what she thinks. Everything is hidden. It avoids unwelcome, useless questions. It saves time. This demanding look fits perfectly with the magazine she runs and with the immense power she enjoys. She’s fashion, launches designers and trends. She will enter the history of the press as Françoise Giroud or Edmonde Charles-Roux.

If I were Anna Wintour … I would love to repatriate all the best vintage pieces of all brands and I would organize a sell-out between friends. Or, I would like us to make a film about me. Anna Wintour is still the only fashion editor who inspired a real movie about her life. It is to say its power and its aura.

I remember… His glasses, of course.

Fashion, for me … It’s a look and the pace is a reflection of the person. Fashion is therefore something of capital. Anna Wintour is the demonstration. She makes and breaks reputations, she puts forward new designers and she was never wrong.

My essentials These are accessories, necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, rings …

Alessandra Sublet, TV host. “Make me a place”, in September, prime time on France 5.

Jean Paul Gaultier by Roselyne Bachelot.

David Coulon Photo Jean Paul Gaultier, it’s … A creator that I find extremely friendly, atypical and innovative. He breaks with the habits of some of his colleagues, less accessible, more hieratic. I like the simplicity of Gaultier and especially I like his honest smile. The genius also accommodates very well of simplicity and sincerity. I think he managed to desacralize fashion to give a playful vision. And then fashion is like politics. Sometimes you make a good collection, sometimes a bide. In politics, sometimes you do a good campaign and you are elected or beaten. These are pretty healthy rules.

If I were Jean Paul Gaultier … I would keep this hairstyle, plated and white … Besides, that’s maybe what I’m going to do.

I remember… Madonna’s corset of course, with pointed breasts. And his stage costumes.

Fashion, for me … It’s an armor. Nothing gives you more security than a good piece of clothing in which you feel good. It’s a protection. It’s also polite to be well dressed. I’m a tailor’s granddaughter. My mother loved clothes and dressed us very well. I hate this fashion that should make sure you do not get dressed.

My essentials A lightweight black suit and very comfortable, which is used in all circumstances. With a T-shirt for the afternoon, a shirt with a ruffle for the evening and a pair Vera, Ferragamo flat-toe moccasins. These are habits that I took when I was minister. I knew that in case I lost my suitcase - which has happened to me - I was ready for any occasion.