Parental leave of education, instructions for use

Posted by The Fashion Heaven on Friday, September 28, 2018

You have just given birth and would like to take a parental leave of education to devote yourself to your baby? The law allows you to interrupt or reduce your professional activity, whether you are the father or the mother, and offers you a compensatory allowance of 390 $ per month for a maximum of one year.

In addition to the 16 weeks of maternity leave, parental leave for education has been included in the labor code since 1985. At the end of 2014, two decree laws were published, which limit its duration, especially for women, and modify the terms and conditions. compensation. Explanations.

Parental leave of education: for whom?

The parental leave of education is intended for employees who have just welcomed a baby. It allows parents to stop working for a certain amount of time to care for their child. The employee benefits from the parental leave of education under conditions to have at least 1 year of seniority in the company, as from the date of birth of the child or the date of arrival at the home of a child adopted under 16 years old.

Parental leave can begin at any time between the end of your maternity leave and the third birthday of your child. Parental leave is a right, it can not be refused by your company, regardless of its size and size.

Note: To benefit from the PreParE Child Care Benefit (PAEB), Parental Education Leave can be shared by both parents.

Parental leave of education: formalities All you need to do is send your employer a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or a letter delivered by hand against a receipt (receipt) in which you specify:

The date of your departure, the beginning of your parental leave of education; The duration of your parental leave; The form (full or partial time). If your parental education leave begins immediately after your maternity leave, consider informing your employer at least 1 month before the end of the leave. Otherwise, the employer must be informed at least 2 months before the start of the leave.

To benefit from the shared service of education of the child (PreParE) by the Caf, you must fill the form CERFA n ° 12324 * 03.

Can I interrupt my parental leave of education?

The parental leave of education can be interrupted early in case of agreement between the employee and the employer. But the agreement of the employer is not mandatory in case of significant reduction of your resources (dismissal of the spouse for example) or in the event of death of the child. If this is your case, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR) to your employer at least 1 month before the date on which you wish to resume your initial activity. The return of the employee to the company must take place in the month following the request for early resumption of work.

However, at the end of your parental leave, you can convert your total leave into part-time or partial leave into total leave.

Parental leave of education: how long does it last?

Full or partial parental leave, you have the choice. If you prefer to keep a foot in the company and therefore choose a part-time parental leave, know that the duration of part-time work must be at least 16 hours weekly and can not exceed the equivalent of 80% of a full time. It’s up to you to arrange your schedules in agreement with your employer. Otherwise, it is he who will choose them.

The duration of parental leave for education depends on the number of children born (birth of a child or multiple births):

for 1 child: it is a maximum of one year (renewable twice) and stops no later than the day of the third birthday of the child. for 2 children: it is a maximum of one year (renewable twice) and stops no later than the date of entry to kindergarten. for 3 children (or more): it is a maximum of one year (renewable five times) and stops at the latest on the 6th birthday of the children.

Parental Education Leave: Focus on Financial Aid

During the leave, the employee is not paid by his employer (except contrary conventional or collective provisions). Indeed, the parental leave of education suspends the contract of employment. On the other hand, the employee can benefit from the basic allowance of the childcare benefit (Paje) from the CAF, subject to resources. In addition to this allowance, the employee can receive the shared child education benefit (PreParE) for children born or adopted in 2015. (For those born or adopted before that date, it is the complement of free choice of activity Clca).

This benefit is paid by the Family Allowance Fund (Caf), and its amount varies from € 392.09 per month of inactivity (amount from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018) per month in case of total cessation of activity. to 146,21 € in case of partial cessation (working time between 50 and 80%). It is 253,47 € for a half-time or for a shorter working time.

The Caf has a tool to simulate the amount of this help depending on your situation. Appointment for this on the website of the Caf in the section My Account Account if you are a recipient or Aids or services in the opposite case.

Attention: the maximum period of payment of PreParE by the CAF is not articulated in the same way as the maximum duration of the parental leave of education. To know :

If it is your first child, it is a maximum of one year (renewable twice) for a couple, with a duration not exceeding 6 months each. If only one of the parents wishes to take parental leave, the shared child-rearing benefit (PReParE) can only be paid for a maximum of 6 months, subject to the child’s first birthday. If you live alone, however, the maximum duration of PReParE is one year, always within the child’s first birthday. If you already have at least one other child, the duration of the PReParE extends to a maximum of 24 months each, within the child’s 3-year limit. Again, you and your spouse will allocate you the months of rights. Note also that only couples where both parents take parental leave receive the full amount of the PRePare, ie € 392.09 per month of inactivity. The monthly benefit can not exceed this amount even if both spouses have both chosen to stop working at the same time to care for their child. It’s up to you and your spouse to use the months of law and share them as you see fit, within the allowed period.


The maximum length of payment for a child’s shared education benefit is one year for parents who have adopted a first child. For parents who already had another child before adoption, the right to PRePaRe can be extended to the child’s 3 years if he or she has not reached it after the first year of parental leave. .


For parents with at least three dependent children, the government has created the shared benefit of enhanced child education (PReParE plus): a higher amount - € 640.88 per month - but it is paid for a shorter duration of up to 8 months within the first birthday of your youngest child.

Note: You use the months of law and share them between you as you wish. If you and your spouse choose to receive the increased PrePare for the same month, the total amount of your two rights will be limited to the amount of one full rate, ie € 640.88 per month.

In addition, note that the PReParE plus is not combinable with other daily allowances (sickness, maternity, paternity, adoption, …) and especially that the choice to benefit from this increased version is final and excludes to change for the version classic.