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Trend: female friendship stronger than the couple

For girls of the Y and Z generations, Romeo no longer holds the leading role. In the long run, the best friends put her on the post. Inquiry on this new paradigm. For Hannah, they come before everything else. Even before Adam, the man who makes his heart beat. With Jessa and Marnie, it’s life, death. In writing the screenplay for “Girls,” a series that portrays Generation Y, Lena Dunham, 30 in May, was inspired by her experience.

How to dress fashion for a woman?

The question that will fascinate most fashionistas and fashionista will be how to dress and put on, to choose accessories when you are a woman. Today’s break will show you the latest trends in women’s fashion for this season. Day and night are at the forefront of fashion, discover the many ways to look great and dress to be sure to be in the trend. With each morphology its look Because according to each woman there will be a garment that will best match according to your morphology, for example if you have thin waist or hips wide enough.

Artificial intelligence at the service of trend detection

On February 13, 2018, the Journal du Luxe organized a conference on the Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for Luxury. Although not exhaustive (because to access all the content and participate in the debate, we invite you to participate in our events – You can subscribe to the newsletter of the Journal du Luxe to be sure to receive the invitations), we welcome you offer access to 4 exclusive articles containing 4 major topics raised on this occasion.